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Need work? 'Rewarding' custodian jobs available at school board

Job fair goes Jan. 4: 'Custodians are highly respected members of the school community and are valued by students, teachers and other staff members,' says official

Looking for a rewarding, well-paying, steady job with benefits and a pension? 

Officials with the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) say that job just might be as a school custodian. And there are many jobs available across the region.

The SCDSB is having a job fair for casual custodian supply-list positions on Wednesday, Jan. 4 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Georgian Career and Employment Community Services, 48 Collier St., Barrie.

Once accepted for a casual custodial position, the successful candidate is in line for a longer-term casual and, eventually, a permanent position, if desired, according to Darren Cunliffe, lead custodian at Alliston Union Public School.

“I left a career in the funeral home business to become a custodian at the SCDSB,” shared Cunliffe. “I have a way better work-life balance and I was able to move up from the supply list into a permanent full-time job and, now, being lead custodian here.”

Cunliffe explained once candidates are on the supply list, they get called as the need arises, and they have the ability to accept or reject the fill-in job offer. Once they get more experience, they are in line for longer-term fill-in positions and, eventually, part- or full-time positions as custodians with the school board.

“There are two shifts: 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., or 2:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.,” said Cunliffe. “It’s a very rewarding job, and once you are permanent, you get benefits, pension, paid vacation. It’s a great job.”

Ryan McCue, SCDSB assistant manager of operations, emphasized the vital role custodians play in schools.

“Custodians are an integral part of our schools. They ensure that the buildings and grounds are clean, safe, and well maintained. This includes tasks such as cleaning classrooms, restrooms, and common areas,” he said.

“They perform many other tasks to support our schools, such as snow removal, water flushing, security checks every morning before students and staff arrive, setting up for school assemblies and events, and monitoring the building automation systems, to name a few," said McCue.

All of that work, he added, helps to “create a positive and healthy learning environment for students.

“They are also responsible for helping to maintain the overall functionality of school buildings, ensuring that staff and students can use the facilities safely and effectively. Custodians are highly respected members of the school community and are valued by students, teachers and other staff members.”

Cunliffe agreed.

“You have personal relationships with staff and students. You take pride in your work. It’s rewarding to get the school all ready for when students come back in the fall after summer break. It’s rewarding to take care of things for staff and students,” he said.

McCue noted custodial salaries can range from $18.65 for casual custodians to $25.30 for group leads.

“Permanent custodians also receive a generous benefits package, including health, dental and pension coverage. There are a variety of hours available for custodians to work, ranging from casual positions with very few hours to full-time positions with 40 hours,” he said.

Applicants should be prepared to submit a resumé and cover letter at the job fair Jan. 4. Cover letters can be addressed to Ryan McCue, assistant manager of operations. Qualified applicants may be selected for an on-site interview at the Georgian Career and Employment Community Services location.

Those who cannot attend the job fair but are interested in applying can submit an application here. The posting closing date is Jan. 16, 2023.