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Mid-Week Mugging: Craft Auto Repair Services is BarrieToday's mid-week mugging

'It's pretty cool to have it happen here'
craft final
Owner/Mechanic Devan Craft, left, poses with his dad Bill, centre and mechanic Mike at Craft's Auto Repair shop on Gowan Street. Sue Sgambati/BarrieToday

They asked. We came.

Craft Auto Repair Services commented on about how the business would like to get 'mugged' so the Gowan Street shop is our Mid-Week Mugging.

"It's pretty cool to have it happen here," said shop owner and mechanic Devan Craft. 

Born and raised in Barrie, Craft opened his family business two and a half years ago with his dad Bill. 

Craft did his apprenticeship at Centennial College in Toronto and graduated in 2002.

"When I started being a mechanic that was my thought, to open my own shop," said Craft, who likes the independence of owning his own business and especially meeting all the customers. 

Even though sometimes it can get a bit tense. 

"It's hard sometimes. You have to tell people they have to get their car fixed and here's the bill but they're usually pretty good about it."

What he loves most about being a mechanic is the sense of accomplishment.

"It's the repair of it. Knowing that it's broken and when it leaves it's fixed," said Craft.

The small business owner lives in Barrie with his wife and two boys aged four and five.

With the exception of living in B.C. for twelve years, Craft has firm roots in his home town.

"My family lives here and will always be Barrie."

Craft Auto Repair Services is located at 17 Gowan Street, Unit 2.