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Local Ontario 150th Award recipients

Zach Makes Tracks is on the list!
Award Winners
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MPP for Barrie Ann Hoggarth has announced the list of recipients of the Ontario 150 Award.

"The following three Groups -  19 Women, 11 Men, and 8 Youth - have been working tirelessly to build Barrie as a vibrant and compassionate community," Hoggarth said in a release. 

"The individuals receiving this award have helped volunteer in our community in one of the following ways: Celebrating diversity/inclusion, Protecting Barrie’s Heritage, Protecting Barrie’s Environment, Promoting a healthy community, and Building Barrie’s capacity to be more vibrant and compassionate."

Among the recipients is 13-year-old fundraiser and youth mental health champion Zach Hofer.

The grade 8 student completed an epic journey from Barrie to Ottawa to raise awareness and money for new Child and Youth Mental Health programs at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

His total is more than $70,000. 

Zach's mom Shelley Hofer is ecstatic at the recognition and couldn't be more proud. 

"I was in tears. I'm so happy Zach is being recognized for his efforts. It wasn't an easy journey to commit to and finish. Being part of a group of people who are making an impact in Barrie is a big honour," she said.

Zach had lunch with MPP Hoggarth last Friday at Queen's Park in Toronto and met Premier Wynne.

"I think he's finally realizing the impact his journey has had. He knows that kids are talking about mental health and what he did, but I don't think he was quite as aware that adults are listening too. This is making him feel like he can and IS making a difference for our community - that kids are capable too."

Here is the list of all recipients of this award:


  • Shayna Borhan
  • Xiao Leonard
  • Arvin B-Rajabzaden
  • Jason Helmond
  • Zach Hofer
  • Evelyn Irene Wrobel
  • Ocean Toole
  • Damion Belgue


  • Ernest Matton
  • Mark Fisher
  • Tom McBride
  • Terry Hoffman
  • Tom Scharf
  • David Lowe
  • Peter Silveira
  • Dr. Sam Quadri
  • Rodney Burns
  • Stewart Garner
  • Paul Millington


  • Kathy McCarroll
  • Mary-Florence Bartley
  • Jean McGinley
  • Betty Fyshe
  • Barb White
  • Sylvia Patfield
  • Sandra Porter
  • Dorothy McIlravey
  • Victoria Potter
  • Lori Aylwin
  • Linda Moorhouse
  • Ina Smith
  • Mona Taylor
  • Lorriane Lowe
  • Shannon Murree
  • Wendy Lee
  • Krista Green
  • Margo Fraser
  • Lynn Monague -Sauve


  • Georgian College Student Association Barrie Executive
  • Nancy & Charles Drury
  • Law Enforcement Torch Run Committee (Barrie Police Service)

All recipients will be presented their awards at an event later this month.