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Larry lost 147 pounds and found a new life

Formerly obese Barrie man finally shares his weight loss secret

There were many times when getting out of bed was a daunting challenge for Larry Wood.

The 27-year-old Barrie security guard weighed 382 pounds in 2016.  

And he was depressed and isolated. 

"I was obese. I did not want to work. I did not want to do anything. I couldn't go out because I felt like people were staring at me," said Wood. 

Wood, who is 6'3" tall, had battled obesity his entire life but hit rock bottom following the death of his mother to breast cancer four years ago.

"It was very tough. I've always been big but 2016 was my biggest year.  When my mom passed away it just made me more depressed and made me eat more and more."

He was a junk food junkie dining on fast food at least three times a week and eating chips and candy every day. 

"I just didn't care," he said. 

In January 2017, Wood finally said enough was enough and he joined the new Planet Fitness gym on Bayfield St. two days after it opened.

He had belonged to several gyms before but always felt he was being watched and judged.

In Planet Fitness, he found a good fit.

"I wanted to be healthy and happy. I want to live a long life," he said. 

"This gym is completely different from all of them. I feel very comfortable. I feel like I'm at home because it's so friendly and the atmosphere is super energetic. No judgement."

Wood now tips the scales at 235 pounds - 147 pounds less than 8 months ago.

He credits his weight loss triumph to following the ketogenic diet and sticking to a routine of core and cardio workouts at the gym.

He does 30 minutes of cardio intervals on the recumbent bike, 100 abdominal crunches on the machine, floor workouts and a bit of weight lifting. 

He was inspired to start the low carb diet after a friend had success dropping pounds.

Instead of junk food, Wood now eats six eggs for breakfast, usually boiled, meat and veggies.

He finds different recipes to keep his meals interesting and has been out for dinner less than five times since January.

"I feel amazing. My energy is through the roof. I feel more comfortable with myself. When I'm around others. I was always worried what I looked like. I hated myself. Now I'm super-excited everyday. I'm not depressed anymore. I'm always happy."

And he's having some fun with his transformation. 

Most family members and friends back in his hometown of Blenheim are unaware of his new, much slimmer self.

"They haven't seen any photos.They have no idea what I look like. It will be a big surprise for everybody," he said.

Wood is determined to get down to 200 pounds and then start building muscle. 

"It's your mind set. You need to get up, say you can do this. Discipline yourself and learn how to say no. Willpower. Focus."





Sue Sgambati

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