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'I am the only candidate in this race who will screen newcomers to Canada'

MP Kellie Leitch wants one-on-one interviews with every visitor and immigrant to screen for 'Canadian values'
leitch kellie Conservative party 2016
Conservative party hopeful Kellie Leitch. File photo



OTTAWA - Today, Kellie Leitch, the Member of Parliament for Simcoe-Grey and candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada released the following statement:

I will protect Canadian values.

I will do that by ensuring that every immigrant, refugee, and visitor to Canada receives a face-to-face interview with a trained immigration official. As Prime Minister, I will never again allow 270,000 immigrants into the country in one year without a face-to-face interview. Our immigration system is too important to the success of our nation. We cannot play games with it.

Lisa Raitt drew a line in the sand today and showed that she stands with the Liberals and media elites. She does not think it is important to ensure that the people we welcome into our country share our historic Canadian values of hard work, generosity, freedom, and tolerance.

The choice is clear: I am the only candidate in this race who will screen newcomers to Canada for those Canadian values.

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