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Hamlet swing bridge on Severn River finally back in operation

Bridge, connecting Township of Severn and Gravenhurst, replaced; The bridge has been closed since project began in December of 2018
hamlet bridge open again
The hamlet swing bridge is once again open to vehicular traffic. Trent-Severn Waterway photo


The Hamlet Swing Bridge, which has been closed since December of 2018, is now open to vehicular traffic.

As a part of an historic investment program along the Trent-Severn Waterway, Parks Canada replaced both the fixed and swing portions of the Hamlet Bridge on the Severn River.

The bridges were replaced with those of a similar look to preserve the historic landscape of the area. The new bridges have an upgraded capacity for service and emergency vehicles. 

Due to their condition, the road abutments and east pier were also fully replaced. The mechanical and electrical systems of the bridge were also upgraded.

As well, the bridge and the bridge operator’s building were raised to reduce the risk of immersion of mechanical components during high water events. This will increase the lifespan and reliability of these components.  

The mechanical and electrical systems of the bridge were also upgraded. The same flooding situation is true for the mechanical equipment in the bridge operator’s building; the building was replaced and the mechanical room was moved to road elevation. 

The Hamlet Bridge is located at the intersection of Canning Road and Peninsula Point Road, and connects the townships of Severn and Gravenhurst.

Parks Canada would like to thank the public for their patience and support throughout the project to replace the Hamlet Fixed and Swing Bridges. This work contributes to the long-term sustainability of the Trent-Severn Waterway’s public assets and will ensure the safety of Hamlet Bridge users today and in the future.

What to expect:

  • Intermittent closures are still scheduled in the spring for testing;
  • Finishing touches and site restoration will be completed over the next few months; and
  • Occasional construction traffic and noise may be experienced as restoration activities continue.

About the Hamlet Bridges

The Hamlet Bridge is actually two bridges connected. The fixed portion was constructed in 1905 with a length of 30 metres. This Pratt Truss style bridge was originally located downstream, but moved upstream to meet the swing portion in 1922.

The swing portion of the bridge, constructed in 1915, is a Warren Truss bridge style and is 60 metres long. The swing portion is operated mechanically and serves to pass boats through the Trent-Severn Waterway from the Victoria Day weekend in May, until the Thanksgiving weekend in October.

This work is part of Parks Canada’s $3 billion investment over five years to support infrastructure work to heritage, tourism, waterway, and highway assets located within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada. 

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