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Goat heads grisly and odd, but probably not criminal: South Simcoe Police

No gawking please
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South Simcoe Police are looking into the "weird" discovery of several goat heads placed in trees in a wooded area in Innisfil.

"Someone looking for a lost dog stumbled across them, thought it odd and called us. We thought it odd and began an investigation," said Const. Rich Williamson.

As many as six goat heads in various states of decomposition appear to have been placed on tree branches over a period of time - police don't know how long. 

They also won't reveal the exact location of the grisly discovery to prevent an influx of gawkers.

"There's nothing sinister other than the actual fact that they're there," said Williamson. "There's no symbology. There's nothing like that. It's just an odd thing to find - skulls in trees."

Police say the placing of the goat heads in trees appears to have been an ongoing thing but the length of time is hard to determine.

The recent discovery was initially kept on the quiet because police didn't want to frighten the public. 

"We get odd calls all the time that people don't hear about. They turn out to be nothing so no point in alarming anybody. It's just the heads. Weird."

Williamson says police often get calls for found bones but most of the time they're animal bones.

There have been no reports of missing goats and police want to hear from anyone who can help solve the mystery of the found goat heads. 

At this point charges are unlikely. 

"It's unusual, yes. Criminal -  probably not," said Williamson. "At this point we don't believe it's anything more than odd."

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