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Fall has arrived, so here are some tips for closing up the cottage

Pipes and other water appliances should be drained to avoid freezing and/or bursting; Disconnect all appliances
2021-09-22 Cottage cabin
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With fall officially upon us and the leaves beginning to change, it’s time to think about closing up the cottage and safeguarding your property for the colder months of the year. 

To help you navigate this transitional time of year with ease, Reliance Home Comfort is pleased to offer the following tips:

·         Lock and secure windows and doors and ensure a tight seal.

·         Close curtains and blinds to trap warm air inside; this will make the cottage more energy efficient. 

·         Turn off power and gas or propane to your water heater prior to draining it. Pipes and other water appliances should also be drained to avoid freezing and/or bursting.

·         Empty, defrost and unplug the refrigerator.

·         Disconnect all appliances.

·         Ensure heating appliances are prepared for activation during colder weather.

·         Leave thermostats on the lowest possible setting to avoid freezing.

·         Safeguard and secure outdoor furniture to prevent loss or damage in the event of a storm. 

Taking the time to properly close down your cottage can prevent costly expenses and needless headaches down the line. So, before you pack up and drive away for another year, make sure to follow the above tips so you can enjoy peace of mind this off-season.