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Downed hydro line results in power outage, lawn fire in Midhurst

'When crews arrived, the wire had already broken and was arcing on the ground,' says Springwater Fire official; More than 700 customers left without power

Drivers making their way into Midhurst around the dinner hour on Monday found themselves needing to take a slight detour due to a downed hydro wire that forced fire officials to close off St. Vincent Street. 

Springwater Fire & Emergency Services Deputy Fire Chief Jeff French told BarrieToday they received the call for service just after 6 p.m., June 6. 

“When crews arrived, the wire had already broken and was arcing on the ground,” he said.

The department had three apparatus on scene closing St Vincent Street until Hydro One crews arrived around 8 p.m.

The incident left just over 770 local customers without power, however some homes in the area did have power restored around 8:30 p.m.

Although the Hydro One Storm Centre website did not indicate the cause of the outage, residents on St. Vincent Street, between Holloway Lane and Noraline Avenue, reported a tree branch fell on a nearby hydro wires, causing the wires to fall to the ground. The live wires then cause a few lawns to catch on fire. 

Crews were expected to completely restore power to the area by 9 p.m.