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Don't give out your SIN number on the phone. Alright?

This type of scam is commonly known as “Phishing” scam
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The Barrie Police are advising the public to be cognisant of recent phone scams that have surfaced yet again.

Individuals of all ages are receiving fraudulent phone calls to their residential phones and/or calls or text messages to their cell phones.

Phone call, text messages, internet and door-to -door scams are taking place every day.

Although with the holiday season not too far away, we may see an increase in these scams.

Fraudulent individuals/Criminals will contact you and indicate he/she are representatives from a collection agency or identify themselves as an “Officer” from Revenue Canada.

The phone call may be live or pre-recorded.

A pre-recorded message will request that you call them back or action will be taken against you, which prompts individuals to become panicked.

Upon returning the message the fraudsters will request the debit owing be paid immediately using a money order or other untraceable means.

If you have been contacted by someone asking you to transfer money, it is probably a scam.

Never send money, or give credit card or online account details to anyone you do not know!

Fraudsters from a collection agency are usually attempting to steal ones identity and/or trick you out of money.

The fraudster will indicate you owe money.

To confirm they are speaking to the correct person he/she will request you provide them with your S.I.N number and any other personal information for verification.

Never provide this information to anyone!

This type of scam is commonly known as “Phishing” scam.

These scams are all about tricking you into handing over your personal and banking details to scammer.

Phone calls, e-mails and text messages may seem legitimate but in reality genuine organizations like a bank or government offices will NEVER expect you to provide your personal information over the phone, online or through a text message.

If you think you have spotted a scam or have been targeted by a scam please advise your financial institution.

If you receive this type of scam on your mobile device advise your mobile provider.

You can also report fraudulent scams to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-5358 or at

Protect yourself and your family! For more information on scams download or review “The Little Black Book Of Scams”