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Crystal meth a factor in dognapping, police say

House located on Bayfield Street broken into and homeowner’s dog taken without permission
Barrie police car



On Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 2:45 p.m. a house located on Bayfield Street, in the City of Barrie, was entered and the homeowner’s dog was taken without permission. 

Immediately the homeowner knew who was responsible and called police to have her dog returned. 

When police arrived to speak to the upset dog owner they realized they had spoken to the suspect earlier in the day, giving him advice on how to properly deal with his doggy dilemma and sent him on his way from the residence. 

The complainant had video of her premise which was reviewed showing the male enter the residence and remove the dog. 

It was evident the actions of the male were not in line with the advice given by Police earlier.

Shortly after 11:20 p.m. police were called to 14 Worsley Street, in the City of Barrie, for an unwanted person. 

That person, conveniently enough, was the 20-year-old Barrie male wanted for break and enter and theft of the dog. 

He had [allegedly] been heavily using Crystal Meth since the break in so had little awareness of what had happened but was found to have possession of the complainants debit-visa card. 

The male was taken to Royal Victoria Regional Health Center for assessment but was cleared and held for bail at the Barrie Police Service. 

He was charged with break and enter, possession of stolen property and two counts of breaching his probation. 

The dog was returned safely to its rightful owner.