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County of Simcoe White Paper highlights need for innovation in seniors’ care services

One in every three seniors cannot afford their rent and 15 per cent of those who live alone, live in poverty
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The County of Simcoe has published a new White Paper to support other jurisdictions and organizations in adapting to a new generation of seniors’ care.

The White Paper, entitled Building a Seniors Campus – a sustainable model to support positive aging and strengthen our communities, is authored by Jane Sinclair, general manager of health and emergency services for the County of Simcoe, and reflects on the building of Georgian Village by outlining key elements essential to the success of this seniors campus continuum model and the “aging-at-home” philosophy.

“Given our aging population and the challenges this shift will bring, it is imperative that governments at all levels and organizations work together to find a sustainable and innovative solutions to adapt to a new generation in seniors’ care,” said Jane Sinclair.

“We are extremely proud of our work at Georgian Village and all of our seniors’ services facilities. Our intent with this paper is to share our learnings from this incredible success story so we can all work together to safeguard our most vulnerable citizens, while strengthening our communities in a more efficient and cost effective way.”

During the next 20 years, Canada’s population aged 65+ will double to 10.4 million, as Canadians live longer with the average life span now reaching 87 for men and 89 for women.

In light of these significant shifts in our population, it is estimated that 2.4 million Canadians aged 65 years and older will need continuing care, both paid and unpaid, by 2026. That is 71 per cent more people than in 2011 and by 2046, the number is estimated to rise to 3.3 million. Similarly, the associated costs will grow from $28.3 billion to $177 billion over this same time period, placing additional strain on an already stressed system.

While the system faces significant pressures, our most vulnerable residents continue to feel these challenges the most. Ninety-three per cent of all seniors in Canada live in private households, many alone and socially isolated.

One in every three seniors cannot afford their rent and 15 per cent of those who live alone, live in poverty. Our seniors require more than three times as much health care and utilize almost half (44 per cent) of our entire health-care dollars.

This Paper aims to address this new reality by:

  • engaging municipalities and not-for-profit providers in a much broader conversation
  • providing tools and guidelines to explore broader roles and innovative approaches in seniors’ care
  • promoting leadership in campus development
  • fostering the advancement of age-friendly communities 

Building a Seniors Campus – a sustainable model to support positive aging and strengthen our communities can be viewed at here.

About Georgian Village

In 2013, the County opened a new and innovative campus model unique to the province of Ontario. Though seniors’ campuses have been developed for many years and continue to expand, Georgian Village, located in the Town of Penetanguishene, offers a distinctive setting that hosts a more diverse range of housing that spans the entire socio-economic continuum.

This housing spectrum is nestled within a community setting deeply entrenched in the history and culture of the area, promotes healthy lifestyles and meaningful socialization, and offers a wealth of services and amenities that complete any community.

Since opening, the County’s efforts at Georgian Village have been recognized three (3) years consecutively winning the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s (AMO) Peter J. Marshall Award, the Ontario Builder Award (OGCA), and the OANHSS 2016 Innovation and Excellence Supporting Seniors Award by demonstrating excellence in the use of innovative approaches to improve capital and/or operating efficiency, and to generate effectiveness through alternative service delivery initiatives and partnerships.

County of Simcoe is composed of sixteen member municipalities and provides crucial public services to County residents in addition to providing paramedic and social services to the separated cities of Barrie and Orillia. Visit our website at