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Buy something sweet, save a cat

Furry Friends' Garage & Bake Sale happens June 9
One of the cats you can help Furry Friends save. Photo courtesy Marian Wilkins

When cats have no place else to turn, and adoption is not quite around the corner yet, Furry Friends in Barrie is usually the answer.

And when the no-kill shelter on Hart Drive needs funds to finance its many humane activities on behalf of our furry feline friends is when Furry Friends calls out to you, the public.

Spokesperson Verena Kompf tells BarrieToday the next big event for the organization comes Saturday, June 9, when Furry Friends holds its upcoming Garage & Bake sale.

“We are looking”, Kompf says “to help raise funds for our cats and get people to know us.”

Kompf also says the need to help animals find homes has stayed pretty consistent over the last few months.

“We house 150 to 200 cats at a time and we are always looking for homes for them. We do have cats that come all the way from Montreal as well.”

The garage sale is being held, not on Hart Drive, but at a volunteer’s home at 57 Masters Drive, in the St. Vincent and Hammer St. area. Kompf refused to be pinned down on specifically what items, sweet and otherwise, would be featured at the event, suggesting it “could be a number of things.”

She also wouldn’t fix a dollar target, suggesting whatever folks stepping into the house care to part with would certainly help “We would like a couple hundred dollars raised.”

And to make it clear, there will be no adoptions at the Masters Drive event.

Kompf intends to build excitement toward the big annual fundraiser September 29, indicating that June 9 is just an appetizer.

“At our fall event, we will have snacks, a bake sale, a raffle draw, (and) our 50/50 draw. We have a $5,000.00 target in mind. We expect a lot of people there and hope to get a lot of people to know more about us.”

But there’s nothing small about the June gathering – at least emotionally -- or other various fundraisers Furry Friends holds before the fall.

“The biggest emotional reward,” says Verena Kompf, “would be when the community comes out and supports us, not just the people we know but people who don't know about us and want to learn about us.”

The Furry Friends Garage & Bake Sale runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, June 9, at 57 Masters Drive. To learn more, click here.


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