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Barrie's got talent in Madison Mueller

Teen is determined to realize her rock star dream
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Madison Mueller poses at the Spaulding School of Music on Jan. 3, 2017. Sue Sgambati/BarrieToday

Madison Mueller is 16-years-old, a straight A high school student, teaches at the Spaulding School of Music and plays baseball.

For all that the Barrie teen could be considered an overachiever.

But the grade 11 honour roll student also sings like a veteran, writes her own music, plays three instruments and has drawn comparisons to Canadian superstar Justin Bieber and pop legend Billy Joel.

Mueller was even referred to as a 'prodigy' by a judge in a local song competition. 

She wants to be a rock star and knew it at the age of seven. 

"Whether it be small scale or on a bigger scale, it's what I love doing and I want to share the music with the world because it's such a universal language. There's nothing like it," said Mueller.

The singer/songwriter will make her first music video early this year to promote her first single titled "Who Am I."

She plans to record an EP next which will include more of her original songs.

"Music is a necessity," she said, explaining she feels compelled to play something every day.

"My oma and opa really badly wanted to get me into piano lessons so I started that at six and it blossomed into a lot more. It's grown into a huge thing for me."

Now Mueller not only tinkles the ivories, she plays guitar, dabbles in drums and is learning ukulele after receiving one for Christmas.

"You wouldn't expect it but one of the first songs I started trying to play was Stairway to Heaven," she said laughing.

She grew up on classic rock and Freddie Mercury is one of her biggest idols although there's a long list of artists she admires.

Music is 'like a diary but with song writing' as a stress reliever for Madison to cope with typical teen pressures, reflected in the theme of her single but applicable to everyone facing life decisions. 

"A lot of school stuff.  Starting to figure out plan B for university. Plan A is music - all the way - but music will always be part of my life no matter what I do. It's a tough industry to get into and you don't want to solely base everything on music."

The teen is not a reckless rock-star-in-waiting and insists she will finish high school at St. Joan of Arc before realizing her dream. 

She recently played the Mod Club in Toronto and had a taste of a bigger audience.

"Mod club was a huge milestone. It was my first pretty big show but this was downtown, a high end spot, well known and to have my name with other people that have played there is mind blowing."

Her family members are her biggest fans and she says she's lucky to have friends that are equally supportive. 

The young musician has a long list of New Year's resolutions that include keeping an active lifestyle and eating healthy in moderation.

She also wants to return to sheet music, improve her guitar and ukulele playing and of course write and record more music.

"I wouldn't be able to live without music," she said. "If I was to lose my voice permanently, I'd have to find a way to still sing - hum or whistle or something. I have to have a melody constantly going through because it's so important to me and who I am as a person."

You can listen to Mueller's single at


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