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Barrie Strong hopes to bring some colour to tornado victims

'I had noticed the tough tragedy close to home and wanted to help,' says creator

Colouring is not only believed to help reduce stress and anxiety, it is also fun. 

After learning about the impact last week’s tornado had on so many Barrie families, Alicia McLeod, the notes and encouragement manager for Uplifting Blessings in Orillia, decided to create a #BarrieStrong colouring page to help bring even the slightest bit of cheer to the community. 

“Although I don’t live in Barrie, Uplifting Blessings used to offer assistance to people in the city pre-pandemic. Whenever I see something that I can help with for communities near Orillia, I make sure I do it,” she said.

“I had noticed the tough tragedy close to home and wanted to help," McLeod added. 

McLeod, who has experience in graphic design has created similar pages in the past for a variety of initiatives, and felt it was a simple way to give back. She created the digital page and is hopeful it will offer people a moment of peace as well an opportunity to safely show support to those impacted by the tornado.

“I know some people who may not be comfortable going out yet, so it gives them the opportunity to connect with their community and colouring is also really good for mental health.”

Click here to download the #BarrieStrong colouring page.