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Ann Hoggarth defeated, not sure how much Wynne played a part (3 photos)

Hoggarth supporters worry that Ontario PC majority will hurt province

Nearly four years to the day after Ann Hoggarth defeated then incumbent Rod Jackson in a close 19,915 to 17,667 votes to end PC reign in the riding of Barrie, she herself has lost the since created riding of Barrie-Innisfil back to the Conservatives; and in devastating fashion.

Andrea Khanjin (22,112 votes) is the new MPP for Barrie-Innisfil defeating sitting MPP Hoggarth (5,536 votes) by 16,576 votes. Hoggarth not only finished behind the 30-year-old Conservative but placed third behind second place NDP's Pekka Reinio (12,644). 

The writing was on the wall for many voters after now former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne admitted last Saturday that her Liberal government would not get reelected in 2018 but rather urged voters to make sure neither the NDP nor the Conservatives win a majority. When asked if Wynne's comments hurt her and other Liberal candidates, Hoggarth said she has heard that too.

"It's funny you said that because I just spoke to a relative and she thought that had hurt us," said Hoggarth. "I don't know because there are people when I went to their door said I'd love to vote for you Ann but I won't vote for your leader; so I don't think we gained any or lost any."

Hoggarth remained upbeat at the Liberal gathering held at Town and Country Steakhouse in downtown Barrie and joked "win or lose, you booze" to a laugh and applause from the supporters in attendance. 

Hoggarth was born and raised in Barrie and is firmly engrained in many of the city's institutions. With over 40 years of experience in the teaching profession as an elementary teacher and former president of the Simcoe County Elementary Teacher's Federation, Hoggarth says she is going to to take a well needed break in the coming weeks when asked if she had any immediate plans for her future.

"No, nope. As I said earlier I'll be by my pool for the summer I hope," said Hoggarth.

John Gilbride has been a Liberal supporter most of his life and has voted for Hoggarth since 2014. While he is disappointed that the Liberals fell so much, he is more disappointed that the PC's will control the province with a majority.

"I am very upset that Mr. Ford will now have so much control to implement his crazy promises and there won't be much we as a province can do," said Gilbride. "Hopefully we can regroup and be stronger in the next election."


Shawn Gibson

About the Author: Shawn Gibson

Shawn Gibson is a staff writer based on Barrie
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