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Washago musician releases album 40 years in the making

'I’m really hoping I can keep using my music to give more people that same enjoyment,' says local musician
Bonnie Milne
Washago resident Bonnie Milne recently released her first light classical album.

Washago resident Bonnie Milne released a light classical album, Anticipation - the first album in the career of the 53-year-old Sundridge native.

The album's beginnings date back to when Milne was about 12 years old. The song titled Home Enchantment was the first song Milne ever composed.  

“I grew up taking piano lessons from a very strict teacher, so I did Royal Conservatory Method. Then, I went to Wilfrid Laurier University and got a degree in music, which included classical music,” Milne explained.

“I recently purchased a baby grand piano from a lovely elderly couple, and it makes me just want to play all the time, so, I just started composing like mad.”

Despite the album being over 40 years in the making, it's a project Milne always intended to eventually complete.

“My life got busy with kids as I have two sons. Life kind of took me in that direction where my family was always running around for them with sports and things like that,” she explained.

“I also used to work at the casino which made my life very busy. But with COVID, I started having more time to practise and play.”

Since releasing her first album two weeks ago, Milne has received nothing but positive reviews.

“I was a little worried because classical music is different and I don’t think a lot of people are into that kind of thing, but my music is more of a light or modern classical, and I’ve had so many positive messages about it and it makes me so happy,” she said.

Milne hopes her positive-sounding music will help people feel "more at peace" with life.

“I have a passion for well-being through music, and I have one friend who says she played my music for special needs students that she teaches, and she said she could tell that they were really responding to it and it was helping them be calm, feel better, and have a sense of peace and enjoyment,” she said.

“I’m really hoping I can keep using my music to give more people that same enjoyment.”

Now that Milne has the time to focus on her passion for music, she is hopeful she can turn her passion into a career. Until that becomes a reality, Milne is more than happy keeping her day job as the Arts Facilitator for the Simcoe County District School Board.

“Working with music for a living would be amazing, and I would definitely enjoy that at some point,” she said.

Milne has already shifted her focus to her next album, which she works on daily.

“I already have pieces in the works. I get up every morning and I play, so another album is going to happen,” she said.

You can find Milne’s debut album on Apple Music and Spotify.

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