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Polish rockers set to play the Foxx Lounge in September

This will be the trio's first tour in Canada as they hit the road with fourth full-length album in hand
Cinemon - band photo (1)
Cinemon. Photo supplied by New Pony Music PR

After playing over 200 shows around Europe, Poland’s rock outfit Cinemon are touring Canada for the first time ever.

With their fourth full-length album Masters of Second-Guessing in hand along with a brand new single, The Worst Band In the World, Cinemon’s tasty blend of 1970s rock, '90s Seattle grunge and contemporary alternative will not disappoint on stage.

The trio formed in 2006 in Cracow, Poland. Although they have played some of Poland’s most renowned music festivals (Live Nation’s Sonisphere, T-Mobile New Horizons), they focus mostly on own self-booked club shows and self-produced albums as DIY has always been one of the main concepts behind the band.

June 27, 2019 marked the release of The Worst Band in the World available on streaming services. The track features notable Polish free jazz saxophonist Mikołaj Trzaska and is inspired by the book by journalist Małgorzata Halber – The Worst Man in the World – an intimate memoir of her coping with alcoholism and depression, making it the darkest and heaviest of all Cinemon songs up to date.

The band will fly over to Canada in September 2019 to play 11 shows:

2019-09-03 Barfly, Montreal

2019-09-04 Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa

2019-09-05 Envol et Macadam, Quebec

2019-09-07 The Black Horse Pub and Restaurant, Peterborough

2019-09-10 Dakota’s Sports Bar & Grill, Toronto

2019-09-11 THE ATRIA, Oshawa

2019-09-12 The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar & Hotdoggery, Barrie

2019-09-13 The Garafraxa Cafe, Durham

2019-09-14 The Cavern Bar, Toronto

2019-09-15 Musiikki Cafécafe, Kingston

2019-09-19 AM to FM Live Kensington Sound, Toronto

About Cinemon:

They say they play RAW POP which is just another name for simple rock ’n’ roll songs - too alternative for the pop market and too easy for the underground. Their sound is imperfect, dusty and analog.

They mix - in perfect ratio - '70s (Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin), '90s (Neil Young and his younger incarnations such as Pearl Jam or other, noisier Seattle’s representatives) and the current times (they do sound a bit like themselves, too). 

They record albums (Cinemon LP 2008, Three Days EP 2011, Perfect Ocean 2013, Masters of Second-guessing 2016) but mostly, they play live shows: the last three years have seen almost 200 of them. Here and there: in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Germany.