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LETTER: Reader says it's time to bring back photo radar

'The use of traffic-calming cushions is a humorous suggestion as a means to solve speeding,' says city resident
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In October 2020, I made what I thought was a reasoned plea for council to take seriously the terrible situation of speeding on Barrie streets.

This year, we learned that the number of deaths from vehicle collisions increased dramatically.

The incidence seems to have increased this year again. I have since learned that the impetus for the use of radar lies with council to legislate Barrie police to address the speeding vehicles on Barrie streets.

Last year, after my deputation at the question opportunity, not one councillor had a question, concern or offered to take any action. This is insulting to myself and others who have expressed concern!

Speeding and dangerous driving in Barrie is the No. 1 concern of constituents, according to recent surveys by councillors. And word on the street must be that speed is of no concern in Barrie.

The use of traffic-calming cushions is a humorous suggestion as a means to solve speeding. And, the many I see and hear about are on quiet streets. Further, a few people I know live on a 'cushion' street say that the cushion is simply a 'starting line” for dangerous drivers! They slow over the bump, then speed within a few feet up to top speed.

And the electronic 'reminders' only work for already conscientious drivers, like most of us.

City staff recently have created a virtual forum to voice our concerns about safe streets. Have they not already heard from people and media reports? What is it that is not being said as to why this is not of concern to the police?

Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood was mentioned in the press recently regarding the highlights of the last month of policing. No mention of being concerned about speeding. I simply don't understand why this is of little to no concern. Is there something that law enforcement in many jurisdictions are not telling the public?

Toronto is deploying the use of photo radar. Surely, this technology is less expensive than police on the street or the 'cushions'!

Photo radar certainly worked in the past. What is it that makes speeding and dangerous driving so difficult to control for law enforcement? This behaviour of breaking the law with impunity makes one wonder if these young men feel entitled to break the laws of safe driving, what other laws do they assume permission is their right?

There is obvious concern about speeding and aggressive driving among Barrie residents as reported several times recently. We cannot sit outside in many areas of the city without hearing the noise of modified engines or squealing tires. These few although increasing drivers rule the roads in Barrie.

Can council or the Barrie police provide an answer as to why they have not mandated photo radar?

Myrna Clark