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LETTER: Noisy vehicle 'problem is real and goes unchecked'

Letter writer suggests maybe it's time for city council to request contract quote from OPP to take over policing in Barrie
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BarrieToday welcomes letters to the editor at Please include your full name, daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). This following letter from David Hembruff is in response to other recent letters regarding noisy vehicles in the city. 
As a police officer of 30 years, I find it amazing that this is an issue in Barrie.

I live in Barrie and the local police are not using the tools at their disposal to deal with this issue. 

The problem is real and goes unchecked. The Highway Traffic Act is clear that any vehicle that creates unnecessary noise is a violation — screeching tires, modified exhaust, even blaring car radios. Summons the offender and give evidence of the violation.

The Ministry of Transportation has the ability to test all the vehicles and the police have the power to send any vehicle for an MTO for such an inspection. End of argument. If the exhaust has not been altered, no ticket; if it has, done deal.

I have issued hundreds of such demands and convictions are simple. Hence enforcement is complete. Barrie police lack the will to do their job, with traffic enforcement in general. 

Why is it we hear regularly the OPP and South Simcoe police have charged Barrie residents with stunt driving, speeding, modified noise violations, but Barrie police have not? Simple. They are not doing their job.

Maybe it is time to request a contract quote from the OPP by Barrie council to take over policing in Barrie?

David Hembruff