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LETTER: More women in positions of power create 'inspirational symbols'

'Powerful women have made history these past few years, whether they be the rulers or the subjects of political intrigue,' says reader
2019-10-09 Liberal lake RB 5
Chrystia Freeland speaks at a news conference in Barrie along the shores of Kempenfelt Bay in this file photo from 2019. Raymond Bowe/BarrieToday

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These last few years have brought about visible change within Canadians' political reality.

The leader of the New Democratic Party is tall, dark and wears a turban. Oh yeah, he is a Sikh. He speaks for the working person, those who may think they lack significance or influence. 

A charismatic woman of colour ran in the Conservative Party's leadership race. She lost this time. Perhaps her party may not have been ready for such a change. What other changes are they seemingly challenged by?

The leader of Canada's Greens is black, beautiful and aggressive as hell. Push that Green agenda.

Strong-willed women seem the ideal of 2020s and beyond.

Conservative Americanism has seeped into Canada's right and it seems Erin O'Toole cannot control his party. With issues we expected to have been decided long ago, such as abolition, the human rights of gays and women continue to appear on the conservative agenda. Can they not see Canadian realities through their bluish-tinted sunglasses?

Just announced Tuesday, Canadians will have a new Governor General. She is different from the status quo, in that she is an Indigenous woman. A woman of influence, loved by many. The prime minister has done something so profound by placing the vital attention of The Monarchy, The Vatican and all Canadians upon the Indigenous community.

Justice, awareness and community response for and with our Indigenous community will be the rule of the decade. Kudos to Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and the Canadian government. A great political and moral move.

Powerful women have made history these past few years, whether they be the rulers or the subjects of political intrigue. What ever Canadians may think about how women are treated in Ottawa and in Canadian politics, we can be assured Canadian women are doing it for themselves. Women, gays, non-white folk are taking the reins of power and leading Canadians toward a better future.

Chrystia Freeland is an example of such a woman of power. Petite in stature, She stands as a giant before us all, representing our nation on the political and economic platform. She shines before us as a example of excellence, driven toward concrete accomplishments.

My wife and daughter see these ladies as examples of achievement, and this influences them every day to achieve for themselves, their families and their neighbourhoods. We all need inspirational symbols. It gives us something to build up for the future.

Canada has a bright future ahead of it indeed.

Steven Kaszab