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'Perfect fit': Gourmet donut destination takes flight in Barrie

'We want to provide our customers with a start-to-finish experience that a small local donut shop provides,' says Maverick’s Donuts Barrie South owner

Nichole Lemon and Camden Scott want to offer more than a delicious assortment of donuts for everyone who walks into the recently opened Maverick’s Donuts Barrie South franchise.

“In addition to having great donuts, we want to provide our customers with a start-to-finish experience that a small local donut shop provides,” Scott tells BarrieToday.

Both raised in Barrie, Lemon and Scott say they are so glad to be back, after living for a while in Ottawa, the headquarters of the donut chain.

“We love to be involved in the community that we hail from and we felt that the brand would be a perfect fit back here in Barrie," Scott says. 

The couple says they fell in love with the artisanal, gourmet donut and coffee shop while they were living in the nation's capital.

“Maverick’s donuts consist of its signature cake mix that has been mastered over the years into a product that is known to many as some of the best donuts available on the market," Scott said. 

What makes Maverick’s Donuts different from the rest, though, begins with its motto: “Donuts. Done. Different."

“Our donuts are never frozen and (are) made fresh every morning by our talented bakers and decorators using only the highest quality ingredients," Scott says.

From classics like cinnamon sugar, honey glazed, powdered sugar, and chocolate dip to signatures items like maple walnut, cherry blossom, pecan pie, and maple bacon, Maverick’s Donuts has a full selection of recipes and flavours.

“My favourite donut is the vanilla sprinkle. You cannot beat the simplicity and texture you get with the sprinkles,” Scott says.

But the most popular donut so far is the classic apple fritter.

“They are a staple from Maverick's and people really enjoy them," Scott says. "Our fritters sell out daily and keep people coming back regularly to get another.”

The Maverick's menu also includes vegan-friendly options, “mini mavs” and freshly roasted coffee.

Since opening at the end of March, the couple says Maverick’s Donuts has had a steady influx of new customers.

“We have been very busy and the community has been very supportive and welcoming to us as we start our new venture," Scott says. 

Maverick's also offers seasonal menus and limited-time options as seasonal events and holidays approach.

“We are currently in our spring menu," Scott says. "Some spring-themed donuts will come off the bar and new flavours geared toward summer will take their place.”

Maverick’s Donuts is located at 490 Mapleview Dr. W., at Marsellus Drive.

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