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I am a passionate, educated, and experienced music teacher working out of Barrie, Ontario. I am trained to teach in jazz and classical, as well as of course being able to teach rock, pop, country, folk, funk, R&B and many more. I can help you whether you are looking for just enough skills to play songs for fun, to jam and improvise, to play in a gigging band, to create your own music, or you would like to attend university for music.

In my lessons I address technique, listening skills, music theory, reading sheet music, and applying these skills with repertoire/songs. I will always do what is appropriate for your taste in music, learning objectives, learning style, age, and skill level. If your goals do not involve sheet music or much theory, for example, then I will plan your lessons accordingly. My objective as a teacher is to inspire, to challenge, and to provide you the tools that you need to achieve your goals. 


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