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An independent, co-ed day school for JK through Grade 12

As a school of balance, we don’t operate from a “one size fits all” approach. Instead CDS differentiates instruction and seeks to meet the individual needs of each student. This approach is in everything we do. We cultivate the passion a child brings with them, or help them to discover one here.

Academically, we want our students to be open to different academic subjects and styles of learning. Our faculty are constantly checking and enhancing the curriculum – all with an eye on providing students with opportunities to achieve success.

Athletically, we encourage them to try their hand at multiple sports early on until they find those that they truly enjoy.

Artistically, we offer numerous opportunities for CDS students to explore the arts, whether that be on the stage, in the concert hall, or at an easel. 

Environmentally, we want our students to appreciate nature and become stewards of the environment. Taking the learning outdoors with a purpose fosters environmental responsibility while also enhancing health, wellness and the capacity to learn.

When it comes to developing leadership skills, there are numerous extra-curricular opportunities at CDS and students are encouraged to participate and play a role in fine tuning everything from the activities offered, to the direction they take. Character building is an underlying theme in everything we do.

Our People