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Wendy has gone from germophobe to just being afraid of people

In this week's Everything King, Wendy admits to being tired of it all and feeling COVID exhaustion
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I am tired! 

Let me explain. It is not in the "I really need a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep way," although I do.

It is more of an internal tired, bone-tired, a soul-weary feeling.  

I think a large portion of the population around the world is feeling the same way. 

For more than 100 days, we've been in some form of lockdown, isolation or social distancing since the COVID-19 pandemic made the headlines 

No doubt, we are sick of it. Hopefully, not literally sick, but you get my gist.

But, we don’t have the option of giving up or getting lax because the virus isn’t sick of us. 

What I am really sick of is people who, for whatever reason, just don’t get that this is a real health crisis that is not going away. 

They think politicians across the globe got together to kill off citizens and decimate their own economies to prove a point? I can’t begin to explain it because I can’t begin to understand what they are thinking. 

Or maybe the big, mean media made it all up. What are you talking about? I never once in 40 years of journalism sat around trying to think up a fake story to broadcast. 

Reality is crazy enough — nobody has the time or energy to make stuff up. You need to find local credible news sources and trust them because they are educating and informing. Reporters are your friends, not your enemies.  Reach out to multiple, credible news sources, locally and globally, and not just those who agree with your belief system. 

The facts are there if you choose to do your homework. 

Try not to believe your Facebook pal who is sure this is some vast conspiracy theory meant to control us all like cattle. She may have once passed by a medical school, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t graduate from one. She also doesn't trust the vaccine I am praying for. 

And there’s another point. If any of this were meant to keep us in line, that's failing miserably, too. It's like herding cats!

Why is everyone so desperate to go sit on the hot sand under the hot sun in clusters where you could possibly get COVID but also skin cancer? 

Have you seen the photos of the masses on the beaches in the United Kingdom, Anywhere USA, Toronto? 

There is no excuse — no logical answers, either — other than ignorance, selfishness and stupidity. 

Not only am I tired, I am clearly cranky. 

I’m cranky because I can’t go see my family or my friends because we still don’t know what we don’t know. What if I infect someone and they die? 

I’m sick of my own home, my own cooking, the endless cleaning, the lack of freedom and the sight of my own face. I am sick of trying to do the right things while I watch so many just living as if nothing deadly is lurking around the bend. 

Even if you do venture out, which I do, I feel guilty. There are even announcements in the grocery store that shopping is not a social activity. It used to be my favourite one.

I’m not even so afraid of germs anymore. I am afraid of people. 

People who don’t get it, people who don’t want to think about it or worse people who don’t care. 

I feel like crying, but I’m just too tired and it would get my mask all soggy.


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