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One toke over the line?

In this week's Everything King, Wendy questions the new pot laws that come into effect Wednesday

Big changes come to Canada tomorrow.

Dare I say the country goes to 'pot'?

I am about to get on my 'high' horse on this issue. (The puns just write themselves!)

Wednesday, Oct. 17 is when recreational marijuana use becomes legal.

Remember the old commercial of the eggs frying on pavement and the slogan, 'This is your brain on drugs'? Well, that's what my mind feels like trying to understand exactly what and when all these changes will occur and what they will mean.

I have Googled until my thumbs are numb and as far as I can figure out nobody is quite sure what will happen, who will be able to sell what to whom or how much, and how exactly it will be regulated. 

It appears that, in Ontario, the only legal pot sales right now will be through the mail and it may be next year before there are retail pot shops.

I know this will not be a popular opinion, but I am just going to say it: Grass ain't always greener, as the saying goes.

I think the legalization of pot is bad idea.

Let me admit to being a hypocrite.

I frown upon drug use and yet have a little packet of prescription medications I take daily.

I am not adverse to a little alcohol and, yes, I know this is also a mind-altering drug.

Some of my long-held feelings about pot may soon be challenged, but here's where I stand now.

I don't want to smell that disgusting smell everywhere. My understanding is that so far there's no way to get rid of the smell if you smoke it. (A different story if it's an oil or in food.)

I don't think we need more people with impaired/altered thinking from anything. People aren't thinking too clearly as it is. Have you looked around lately?

The thought of people drugged-and-driving scares the stuffing out of me. 

I have seen the new commercials "don't drug and drive." I don't think that will solve the problem. 

People will say pot use will not increase just because it's now legal. I don't buy it. It's human nature to want to try something that has previously been legally out of reach. Some will want to check out what is so mellowing about this substance.

Those who are regular pot users will take this occasion to "toke" it to the limit.

The federal government is suggesting cannabis manufacturing and distribution will be a great thing for the economy by creating jobs.

It will mean less people with criminal records for simple pot possession, thereby easing the clogging of the courts and ruining people's lives.

It will make it easier for cancer patients or those with painful diseases to get some relief. (Who would argue with that use? Certainly not me.)

My point is, I just don't think we have all the answers yet. I don't think we know what we don't know.

On a personal level, I don't need to be any less motivated.  

I also simply do not need one more reason to get the munchies. Let me be among the first to congratulate Doritos on its upcoming spike in sales.

On Oct. 17, there will no doubt be much celebration of how progressive Canada is.

I am reserving judgment on just how much we will really have to celebrate.