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EVERYTHING KING: Down in the doldrums, missing any sense of motivation

Everything these days just seems like a whole lot of hassle; In this week's Everything King, Wendy finds herself in a slump and wonders if others feel the same
2021-10-18 Listless bored
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Urgent! I am missing my motivation.

Could you spare some? I am in desperate need of a transfusion.

I looked up what motivation actually is and found this: “It is the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. It is the driving force behind human actions.”

I guess in layman’s terms it means you get up and go. Mine got up and went.

Since misery loves company, I always look for a reason for why I feel the way I do. Am I listless because of the weather? Change of season and too much rain?

Is it a hangover from too much COVID isolation?

Is it a mild — not clinical  depression?

Or am I just lazy? I do admire the lifestyle of the sloth!

Maybe a little bit of everything.

I find I'm forcing myself to do much of anything. Everything seems like too much effort. Nothing seems especially interesting.

From the daily shower and making meals to grocery shopping and chores — everything seems hard.

Of course, it's normal have “off” days, but this seems to be lasting too long. I mention it because as I have shared it with friends and associates and they report similar feelings.

For so long, all many of us wanted was to be able to get back to socializing. Now that we are able to do so if fully vaccinated and masked, I find I have to force myself to do so.

It’s a bit frightening that the things that used to excite me now test me. I’m going to assume maybe you have had similar issues.

I thought when they reopen the Canada/U.S. border, on Nov. 8, I would be thrilled to pack a suitcase and take a vacation. Maybe even some cross-border shopping? But as the date approaches, I feel anxious. I’m not so sure those Hobby Lobby discounts are worth the aggravation.

Add in the ever-changing rules regarding which vaccines will be acceptable, COVID tests, proof-of-vaccination papers, waiting times and what should translate into freedom just seems like a whole lot of hassle.

The idea things are getting back to normal even heightens my anxiety.

Could it be that we have just run out of things to keep us enthused? I mean, how many puzzles can one person do?

I know the “what’s trending” category of Netflix by heart.

Most everyone has already done all the home renovations they can afford.

Even retail therapy isn’t working its magic anymore. It is just not so fun browsing the aisles wearing a mask. I can’t see the price tags with steamed-up glasses. That is just as well since the sticker shock would likely send me into a funk anyway.

Gas prices are too high to go on unnecessary driving trips.

Food always excited me. Now, even if I dreamed of a BLT I couldn’t afford the B. (Have you checked the cost of bacon?)

Now we are being told to prepare for even slower parcel deliveries and goods that simply won’t ship fast enough for Christmas. I haven’t even overdosed on Hallowe’en candy and Christmas is a bust.

I guess we keep reminding ourselves we’ve never been in this situation before in our lifetime. We just have to figure it out.

We need encouragers. Bring on the positive slogans.

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

“Stop thinking about yourself. Do something for someone else.”

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

Or that unhelpful yet right-to-the-point advice of someone somewhere: “Snap out of it!”

I shall keep repeating: "This, too, shall pass."

About the Author: Wendy King

Wendy King writes about all kinds of things from nutrition to the job search from cats to clowns — anything and everything — from the ridiculous to the sublime. Watch for Wendy's column weekly.
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