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Making light of COVID is no laughing matter

There's not much about coronavirus that's funny, so in this week's 'Everything King', Wendy urges restraint on Facebook
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This is certainly not important in the grand scheme of things, but it's one of those things that just irks me. 

And maybe you agree. 

Maybe you have done this. 

If so, stop! 

Have you seen the usually overly long statuses on Facebook which go something like this: 


Whoever has been in contact with me in any way over the last 14 days should stay indoors and contact your nearest emergency department. 

I’m so sorry to every one of my friends and family and those I have been in close proximity to me. I’ve had symptoms for a few days for a few days now and it has been confirmed. 

I am very sorry. 

I’ve been diagnosed with being sexy and adorable and it is highly contagious. 

Thank you for your attention. I’ve always been told there is no vaccine. 

When I see this reposted, I’ll know who will read to the end. 

OK, so in the midst of a pandemic, there is no need to make light of any kind of possible symptoms or diagnosis.  

Admittedly, the first time or two I found myself concerned and taken in. 

I can usually see humour in most anything, but for some reason, this kind of thing, which I’ve seen quite a lot, makes me angry. 

I get the idea. It is supposed to get people to actually read your posts rather than scroll on by. 

What it succeeds in doing is making me think you are a callous jerk whom I no longer want to waste time on. 

We have all posted things in poor taste. 

Guilty as charged. 

I just think COVID-19 is not to be trifled with. 

Even the thought of testing makes me squeasy — I don’t especially want a giant Q-Tip plunged into my brain cavity. 

Again, no laughing matter. 

Numbers are going nowhere but up. 

I am sitting on pins and needles fearing what happens two weeks after school classes have been back in session. 

It is hard enough trying to follow the protocols, keep track of the numbers and stay abreast of the ever-changing governmental and societal guidelines. 

I constantly question which stage we are in now. Has anything opened up or are we pausing again? 

Throw in the anti-maskers and conspiracy theorists and my tolerance level for dumb status updates has reached its maximum. 

I know I can scroll on by or delete, but I don’t want to delete people. I just want us all to think before we post. 

There are so many notices each and every day about someone in hospital, with or without the coronavirus. Who needs any fake ones?

I don’t know about you, but I am really tired of fending off those who refuse to believe the disease is real. 

So if Drs. Tamm, Fauci and Gupta advise me to take a flying leap off a cliff, I admit I am stepping off in faith. 

Sorry to have temporarily misplaced my sense of humour, but this new normal is making me feel abnormal. 

If you or anyone comes down with COVID-19, you will have my utmost attention and empathy. 

If you are taking it lightly with ridiculous posts, you are neither sexy nor adorable in my books.  

You are a “terminal” jerk. 


About the Author: Wendy King

Wendy King writes about all kinds of things from nutrition to the job search from cats to clowns — anything and everything — from the ridiculous to the sublime. Watch for Wendy's column weekly.
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