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Make masks trendy, not a hindrance

During the pandemic, we are being urged to wear masks. In this week's "Everything King," Wendy suggests we make them our statement
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There is a recurring question I keep asking myself literally several times a day ... every day!

What is wrong with people?

There are so many things, right now, in this world and especially at this time I just simply don’t understand.

One of them is masks.

What exactly is the problem some people have with wearing a mask in public?

Usually, everyone cannot wait for Hallowe’en to get into a disguise. We suffered through those hard plastic face masks for years as children with never a complaint. Then it was those rubbery ones that literally stuck to the skin. Again, no worries then.

I am clearly not understanding it.

With all due respect have some of you looked in the mirror?

A mask might be an improvement.

I include myself in this. With no access to a hairdresser for months not only is my hair lifeless and shapeless it is colourless. I am sporting a unibrow. My eyes look sad and tired. My skin is rather like a gator. So, I say anything that covers half of it up is a bonus.

People don’t seem to have a problem with eyebrow piercings, nose rings, tattooed faces, or toques in the summer, but suggest a mask and they are outraged. I mean, to each his own, but just sayin’.

I was heartened while watching the most recent Barrie Black Lives Matter protest/demonstration and seeing pretty much everyone wearing masks. There wasn’t much social distancing, but that’s a discussion for another day.

While I have seen most everyone in the stores adhering strictly to social-distancing markers, reading the rules of the store before entering and trying (repeat trying) to go in the direction the arrows are pointing but the masks? Not so much.

I was in a few lines recently in a grocery store, a vegetable market and a craft store and in about a line of 15, there were just one or two masks. I am not referring to workers who are completely masked and gloved where appropriate. Customers, though, were by and large not wearing any face covering.

It didn’t seem to matter the age or the gender.

Believe me, I get it. They are so hot. 

However, if you slip it on for the short amount of time you are actually in any store and whip it off as soon as you are outside again, its not such a hardship.

There’s no shortage now. I see bundles of them sold in all the stores.

Dozens of sites are selling them.

I am enjoying the creativity of the handsewn masks. All my favourite characters and colours are represented. Think of it as a personality statement.

Why not consider it a cool new accessory? Match it to your outfits. Advertise your favourite show or quote or celebrity.

Remember when the worst thing was having to wear glasses? Now, I can’t wait to get new designs and shapes to match the mood.


Same thing. Look how they made them different colours or blinged them up to make them trendy. I love seeing what people have come up with.

We can make this the fashion trend of 2020.

If you need more reasons to embrace it.

You are basically incognito. You can much more easily avoid that annoying neighbour you spot in the produce section at the store.

You only have to do eye makeup. Nobody can see your lower face. Big savings on lip gloss.

It's mysterious. No one can tell if you are smiling or snearing or snarling.

The best part is that by doing this one simple act you are protecting others from potential germs.

Every single time you put on a mask when in public you are giving a huge gift. 

To be completely honest, I sometimes forget although I carry one mask in my purse and keep more in the car. 

The main thing is to try to do it as often as possible.

If being a little uncomfortable and sweaty gets me closer to seeing my family in person – cover me!


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