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Looking for love in lots of places

Valentine's Day is not just one day and not just for couples, says Wendy in this week's Everything King
valentines day card and gift stock
A gift and card for Valentine's Day (Shutterstock)

Let’s face it, February gives us two things: Groundhogs and Cupid.

We might as well embrace both.

I always have believed Valentine’s Day is not necessarily about romantic love, but about love in all forms — with your parents, siblings, friends, neighbours and pets.

Look at all the ways love and affection are shown that have nothing to do with flowers or candy although there is nothing wrong with either of those tokens. Ever!

Some people are just not comfortable with spoken words of devotion or personal displays of affection.

If you watch, I will bet you will see and hear love expressed in a host of actions.

Everything a parent does for a child is really just an example of love. They do it every hour of every day, which is incredible.

Every load of laundry, homecooked meal or piece of advice is all love in action.

My dad’s way to express love was to keep my car running smoothly. Topping up the gas tank, changing the oil, checking the tires, washing it or reminding me to do all of the above.

To him, “don’t let the tank get below half” was as much an “I love you” as the actual words. And I knew it.

You likely have people in your life who would rather do things for you than discuss feelings and that’s OK.

If you ever heard your mom say she wasn’t hungry so you could have the last piece of pie, she was showing love.

A child's homemade card? Could it be more valuable? I especially like the ones where they draw me as a stick person. A skinny stick person. Bless you, little one!

When you are shopping and  pick up a little gift for a friend that you know they would appreciate or get a laugh out from, you are doing the same.

I have come to believe every “like” we give on someone’s Facebook page is really a way to say “I see you and I’m thinking of you today.”

It all makes a difference.

If a neighbor clears your driveway of snow, it's an example of goodwill. That one deserves a huge hug and kiss if you are so inclined!

All of these things make the harsh world a little softer.

Pets express love probably better than some people do. When your cat brings you a mouse or bird, don’t be openly grossed out.  They are bringing you a treasure. Before screaming and running in circles, try to praise them with fake enthusiasm.

A dog brings you his bone or favourite toy because he thinks you are special. How precious is that?

None of it has anything to do with a certain date, pink or red hearts or a little naked dude with an arrow.

It has everything to do with a tender feeling. It makes February a little warmer.

Accept the sweetness.

Can you see the love? I hope you can!


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