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Everything old is old again

September used to mean new shows. In this week's Everything King, Wendy is missing the fall TV schedule
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This used to be such a predictable and exciting time of the year. 

Back to school. Sweater weather. Pumpkin spice anything and everything. New fall TV shows. 

But, alas, like everything 2020, it is all unknown. 

Whether it was a throwback to childhood or whatever I loved what was known as “premiere week,” which usually fell the second or third week of September when all the networks rolled out their new programming and the old favourites returned after a long hiatus. 

At this point, I don’t even remember what shows ended when or which characters were killed off. 

It’s a blur. 

Just like a normal summer networks filled time with reality shows, challenge shows and game shows. 

According to the L.A. Times, most network production remains largely shutdown except for shows which are produced in Canada and which have recently restarted because the country has done so well with control of COVID (another reason to praise Canadian powers that be).

So, fingers crossed shows like Riverdale and The Good Doctor, which tape in Vancouver, will return at their regularly scheduled times. 

Now, when we are all home so much and so desperate for new means of entertainment, it seems an added burden that it could be mid-January before some return. 

My other question is what will the story lines be? 

Every time I watch a rerun now and they are not masked or socially distanced I find myself thinking:

“Wow, this was definitely pre-COVID."  

“Look at those people mingling!” 

 Any situation where actors are congregating let alone dancing or romancing just seems so odd. 

So, are we going to be forced to endure pandemic narratives in every show? 

All COVID? All the time? 

So much for escapism. 

Just as the lockdown was happening, I remember the show All Rise, a court drama, did an amazing episode of the lawyers, judges and clerks dealing with holding court via Zoom. They did a great job of showing what the new normal was about to look like, but will that continue? 

American Idol is doing remote auditions and the judges will I assume still be at home watching. 

That did seem to work pretty well last season. 

I have no idea how it will work with Dancing With the Stars. What dances will work? The twist? Tap dancing? The mashed potato? (Dated reference.)

Morning talk shows will soon resume filming in studio. What that will look like remains a mystery? Do the co-hosts sit side by side or a few metres apart? Where do they put the guests? Are they in-studio or on remote? 

I welcome that. 

I had had my fill of encore presentations. 

The return of fall programming always gave me a sense of normalcy. Back to routines as it were.  

Will we ever get back to same old/same old again? 

Do we want to? 

I know we aren’t supposed to enjoy a rut but I have to say it sometimes a great comfort.

So, until the new season begins I guess we enjoy the reruns. 

Good thing I have COVID brain and have no recollection of the endings of any police dramas or movies. 

It will all seem new and exciting to me. 

There's one plus to this mess!


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