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Everything King: Deck the halls whenever you please

Live and let decorate!
Everything King (with Wendy King)

'Tis the season for the seemingly endless discussions and opinion sharing about when Christmas decorations should be going up.

We have just lived through the whole Christmas not until after Remembrance Day argument (which I will never get). 

I’m quite sure my dad who fought in the Canadian navy in World War Two wouldn’t be offended about what date I decided to hang my first holiday wreath.  I imagine veterans fought for our right to do it whenever we choose.

But, I digress.

Now, we move on to how we shouldn’t have our lights on for too long before Christmas week, how the tree can’t go up until a week before and must come down January 1.

What? Why? Who made these dumb arbitrary rules? And who really cares?

Full disclosure: I am THAT person who listens to Christmas music all year long.

I wear earrings that blink. 

I never met a Christmas sweater I didn’t like.

And — yes, I decorate my car!

I come from a long line of early decorators. My mom was a fabulous decorator — so much so our family home was often confused by visitors as a store. She decorated for every occasion. Similarly, my sister’s home is right out of a Country Peddlar magazine. I try to keep up this tradition although mine is a tad more “Happy Hoarder” than Good Houskeeping.” I have never completely lost the cat but he has been found under a pile of tissue paper a time or two.

Here’s the thing . . . it is really more like winter decorating. Y’know, snowmen, snowflakes, owls, reindeer and poinsettias, so it can be on display for a few months without being so Christmassy.

Here’s my rationale: I am not dragging 30 Rubbermaid totes of decorations out of the basement and hanging and arranging and positioning all of it for one lousy week. I want it up to enjoy for weeks and weeks. There is nothing as cozy as being snuggled up on the couch with your hot cider with the Christmas lights and candles burning, a cat or dog by your feet and a sappy Christmas movie (all of them now star Candace Cameron Bure) playing in the background. It is bliss!

I know I can’t be alone with this excessive decorating bent because otherwise there would be no need for Winners, Marshalls, Home Sense or Michaels. I see MY people there — pointy, oversized, blingy, one of a kind items hanging out of their shopping carts!

Here’s the people who drive me around the bend. The ones who say “I did all my decorating in an hour.” To which I reply, “Did you now?” Then they admit, “Well, I only put up one wreath.”  

One measley wreath?

Do you have a lump of coal for a heart?  

The thought of your empty walls makes me feel queasy. 

I guess if you have no glitter under your fingernails, we really can’t be friends.

Never let anyone dull your Christmas sparkle.

Live and let decorate!