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Everything King: Celebrate mom, and any nurturing person in your life

Every single one of us (if we’re lucky) would say our mom is the best mom ever. And, we’d all be right
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Here is some helpful advice!

Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday, May 14! In case you no longer use a calendar or have avoided all the jewellery and candy commercials, here is your reminder!

Also, here is what NOT to say about Mother’s Day when it is suggested a gift and card would be nice.

Do not declare to your significant other: “You’re not MY mother. Why should I get YOU a card?" That is so obnoxious! Just don’t say it. Here’s why. Mother’s Day is for anyone who “mothers” in some way, and yeah it could also be a man. I think it is for mothers of children, pets, wives, sisters, girlfriends, teachers, grandmothers, neighbours—any nurturing person in your life. Celebrate them all!

Here’s a few things about moms.

Every single one of us (if we’re lucky) would say our mom is the best mom ever. And, we’d all be right. Our moms were the best for us—hand-picked for us—or that’s what I believe.

If you still have your mom in your life, appreciate everything she says and does. When she’s gone, you will not believe how many times you will pick up the phone to call her. She’s the only one who truly cared that you had a sore throat, broken heart or hard day at work. Everyone else is just half listening.

Here is a universal truth. Like it or not, your mom really was always right and that can be super annoying. I didn’t want her to be right, and sometimes I tried to make her wrong but always to my detriment.

1. That 80s perm did make me look like a scarecrow

2. I really should have kept a budget book

3. That one boyfriend totally was an obnoxious jerk

Not that sometimes you shouldn’t question a mother’s wisdom.

There was the time mine decided that the people who lived in the brick house on the corner – which always had a laneway full of cars every Wednesday – was surely hosting a weekly orgy. We didn’t know them, but that’s what she decided. How she knew about orgys, I don’t care to know. Turns out they actually taught ceramics classes. Still, to this day when I drive by I whisper “orgy house.”

Oh, there was that other time when she convinced me that the passenger side mirror on the car was, in fact, for the passenger to keep an eye on traffic. She had it positioned so SHE could see. I believed her and shared this information around freely at school. Nicely played, Mother!

I assume there is a mother manual where they all learn the basics:

  • Make that face and it will freeze that way!
  • If you eat those seeds, a tree will grow in your stomach.
  • Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident.
  • Put your shoes on the table and you’ll cry before night.
  • I hope when you grow up, you have kids just like you (not meant as a compliment).

Your mother is your first and best friend—now and forever. Celebrate them all!