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Everything King: Better pack more undies!

Wendy King talks vacation prep. It's harder than you'd think
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Here we are in the lazy, hazy crazy days of summer! Have you been on vacation recently?

It is time for summer holidays and the “getting ready” is exhausting.

I love being ON the trip but the preparation leaves something to be desired.

Not being a world traveler, I have never learned the lesson of travelling light. Heck, I can’t even travel light to the garage. My purse is always bulging and weighing in at 25 pounds and that is not because there’s any money in it.

I feel like I pack more stuff for J-I-C than for the actual trip. (J-I-C –that’s my term for just in case). What if this — what if that? Like a boy scout “be prepared!”

Maybe it’s a sign I am turning into my mother but now I have this need to be prepared for any eventuality. As I am heading to the deep south there has to be light clothing, sun protection, bug protection, lots of deodorant and extra hair glue that will hold in high humidity.

When I was younger I used to throw a few outfits into a suitcase and go. Ahhh, the good old days.

Now, I literally have a whole case for medications. Its pitiful. What if you experience emergency hunger or thirst, back pain, headache, indigestion, blisters or heaven forbid — irritable bowel syndrome? Better pack more undies!

I am travelling with two other women. You would think we could share some products. However, this is not possible. Everyone needs their own shampoo, soap and hairspray for special needs. I once  travelled with someone who brought her own toilet paper. (special 3-ply)

There’s a whole case for make-up. Another for jewellery. (and, yes, I must)

Then, there’s a whole new issue for these modern times. Gadgets and chargers for gadgets.

Remember the days when you rushed into the motel room to make dibs on the best bed location? Now, it’s a race for outlets and sockets! Cameras, cell phone, kindle, tablet — its all too much!

Don’t get me started on packing. I have watched all those videos about how to roll your clothes so they never wrinkle or the ones where they stick them in plastic bags and then suck the air out of them so they look freeze dried. Yeah, well, I’m more the toss it all in, in a clump, and sit on the suitcase and hope it closes type.

No matter how many lists you make or how well prepared you think you are — you will not be able to find what you need when you need it. You will leave something back in the car or at the hotel while you are out sightseeing. Your purse will be a bottomless pit. Your phone will lose its charge. You will lose your phone an average of 6 times. 

I recently misplaced my glasses. One set was on my eyes and the other on the top of my head. Perhaps, I should not be left wandering unattended.

Yet, the trip planning with all its self-induced anxiety and stress is half the fun. I love the anticipation and the butterflies in the stomach. It’s a good kind of nausea.

It truly is about the journey and those who are on it with you! (especially if they can lift heavy suitcases!)