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Everything King: A detox at the spa

I have no horse in the race. Do it—don’t do it. I just think it is interesting
Everything King (with Wendy King)

I guess there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who must have everything proven to them through research and science with surveys and graphs. Then there are those who just believe without proof.

I am definitely in the latter group.

Case in point: My friends and I decided to go to a spa for a detox. Not for alcohol—for toxins in the body.

The idea is that in a half hour, toxins will be pulled out of the body. (You can’t have it done if you have certain medical conditions)

You put your feet in a basin of clear water and nothing is added except for this ionized metal box that swirls the water around.

Each colour relates to a specific organ.

I went straight to my “google machine” and found some sites saying it’s a complete scam and some saying its proven to assist by reducing your alkaline levels.

Here are just two to consider:

“They claim that water turning reddish brown is the toxic matter removed from the body. Depending on the colour, they suggest that yellowish colour is from the kidney and bladder toxins, orange is from arthritis-related illness, dark brown is from liver-related diseases, and so on. Scientifically, these claims are 100 per cent nonsensical!

"Here's what really happens. The colour of water changes due to a process called 'electrolysis.' The brown toxins you see are from the rust generated by the corrosion of the iron electrodes! The different variations in color can be accounted by varying amount of salt added to the water and variations in the compositions of the electrodes. The colour of water will change with or without soaking your feet in it.”

But then there were several testimonials like this one:

“I noticed I was able to sleep better and felt much better in the mornings when I awakened. I noticed that I felt a lot better about myself as a person and did not seem to be as 'down in the dumps' as usual. I was also more energetic after the first session.”

Here’s what I realized. I don’t care.

I have no horse in the race. Do it—don’t do it. I just think it is interesting.

I am so easily amused I enjoy seeing what disgusting colour of toxic stew I create. (Usually orange/brown for liver.) You can send pictures to your sister for added enjoyment.

I thought in the days that followed that I had more energy, slept better and an added bonus was no more foot odour.

Personally, I always felt my feet smelled like a rose garden but others may have disagreed. Anyway, I can take off my shoes in people’s homes now without fearing the comment which is always yelled out loudly and with gusto “I SMELL FEET!"

Do I know for sure that this ionized foot bath works? Absolutely not.

Does it really matter as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone?

I can’t prove lots of things in life.

I can’t prove that cats ease my blood pressure but they do or that music soothes the soul but it does.

I cannot prove, with absolute proof, that Santa exists but my steadfast belief that he does has worked out very well for me gift-wise for half a century.

Sometimes, its good just to have a little faith!