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Everything King: Here's to the sisterhood!

Body shaming? Wage inequality? Who needs it!
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Happy International Women’s Day (tomorrow)

I like to think I celebrate women every single day — at least in my heart. I’ve been surrounded by strong and beautiful ladies my whole life. A mother, sister, friends, colleagues, neighbours, teachers and famous female role models like Oprah.

Politics completely aside — I think it is awesome we have a woman premier. I wanted Hillary Clinton to win the U.S. presidency — not just because she was female but it would have been a bonus.

Women are incredible creatures — the best multi-taskers in the universe — with grit and strength and heart. 

I like how women think, make decisions, set priorities and get things done.  

I still get a lump in my throat hearing the Helen Reddy song “I am Woman”.

I value all the women in my life, however, there are times when I don’t think we are kind enough to each other.  I hate to say it but sometimes it feels that women are very judgmental of each other.  Women can be downright cruel. You see it often in social settings when one woman is looking another up and down to check out her outfit, shoes, nails, accessories, hair and makeup.

Body shaming? You don’t have to do it to yourself — there’s somebody in the wings that will do it for you. I wish we could just all accept that we’re not in competition with each other and run our own race without trying to cut someone else down. The best lesson I ever learned was not to compare myself. You’ll never win that one because someone will always be smarter, richer, cuter or more successful. That’s a path to misery! How about  you be you and I be me?

The theme of “International Women’s Day” this year is #BeBoldForChange — working toward a more gender inclusive world.

I was thinking how ridiculous it is that in this time and place, 2017, we are still fighting wage discrimination. Really think about that? How unjust is that? A job should have a pay grade no matter who does it. Why is this still an issue? Why do we still accept it? Doesn’t it seem equally ridiculous that not so long ago women could not vote?  This wage inequality is just as idiotic.

I’m not anti-men nor pro-women — I want us all to enjoy fairness.

What can we do? Well the recent protests around the world certainly sent a message! That was women power in action.

While this may not be much I always try to praise and uplift my sisters whether it be a quick e-mail or even a “like” on their Facebook post. Promote their business. Spotlight something a friend accomplished. That takes no time and little effort but shows interest in their projects and efforts and struggles. There’s no cost to a compliment.

That should not only be for one day but every day. 

Thank you, ladies, for all you are and all you do. Here’s to the sisterhood!