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These are a few of her favourite things

Taking a note from Oprah, Wendy King tells us what she's currently into in this edition of 'Everything King'
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I have always loved the section in the Oprah magazine Oprah’s Favourite Things which sets out some of the products she has found that are worthy of note.

I am no Oprah (there’s the understatement of 2018), but the idea came to me that there were some things, people, products, food that I stumbled across recently that others might also enjoy.

Credit also goes to my friend, Sue, who finds great items through the year from a variety of sources. If she likes them, then that is what she gives to her friends at Christmas. It’s a great idea.

So, here’s some things I have recently found that I love. They may not even be new but I have just discovered them. 

My favourite new network TV show is The Good Doctor. It's about an autistic student doctor played by Freddie Highmore. So far, every single show has been amazing – touching, funny, dramatic and educational. Medically, it is quite graphic. We are still in season 1 – so there’s no problem catching up. Start from the first show where a lot of things are shown that will come to make sense later. 

My favourite new book which I haven’t even purchased yet is the one causing the big kerfuffle in Washington. I already know I am going to love Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. It includes anecdotes from inside the first year of the Trump White House. Just from the excerpts I have read, I am all atwitter (see what I did there?) about the gossip from the Oval office. Drama, chaos, tabloid tidbits – count me in!

I am always in search of inspirational quotes to get me through the day. The best I have found is by following Lionel Richie. I don’t know if it is he or his staff who pick out the photos and sayings that show up on his Facebook page but they are amazing. Check them out while humming Hello. Very relaxing.

Best breakfast. This is supposed to be the best healthy combination you can start the day with. It’s a slice of toast with hummus and avocado slices. I guess it's because it has a bit of protein and carbs and healthy fat. I just think it tastes good and gets me through to lunch.

This comedian has been around for years but he is new to me. I found him accidentally while browsing Facebook. His name is Michael McIntyre from Britain. Research suggests he is among the highest grossing comedians in the world. He is one of those guys who just makes everyday stuff hysterical. I can’t get enough of his comedy.  He is super likable and it's clean comedy. Bonus:  because he is British and speaks so properly there are subtitles for those of us who listen slowly. He makes me laugh every single time. Google this guy and then giggle.

I found this just before Christmas and everyone who got one loved it. They are Snickers bars but with descriptive words on them. With the slogan of “Who are you when you are hungry?” the chocolate bar has different words on the label like DRAMATIC, IRRITATED, GRUMPY, SLEEPY etc. They were a big hit over the holidays. Found in checkout lines everywhere.

Heated car seats. I don’t personally have these delightful inventions but I enjoy sitting in vehicles that do. Not only in this current deep freeze but really, let’s face it, what could be better than hot buns? Oprah probably has these!