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Everything King: Progress with a new-fangled contraption

Rather than a cell phone, Wendy longs for two soup cans

Friends: Return with me, if you will, to the blog of last week (July 11) when I admitted to finally caving to peer pressure and getting a cell phone.

I should have stuck with two Progresso soup cans!

As is usually the case with anything I try to do, it never goes smoothly nor ends without a migraine and a margarita... or vice versa.

I am sure by now, most of you have had several cell phones but this is essentially my first so all the lingo is new.

For instance, did you know when you get a new phone, it must be unlocked? Huh? Don’t you just turn it on and start yakking? No, no, dear readers. Whether it’s a new store bought phone or one handed down like mine was—it has to be unlocked—by a company—for a price!

Once this has been done on-line (not by phone which I also found amusing) you will get a message just like this. I have copied this exactly as it was received with a couple of changes in case you are a Russian hacker who wants to take control of my cat pictures. You never know, right?

'Your unlock code and instructions to complete the process can be found below:
Unlock Code: KNOBSN4T6X 77960990 73067369 68B97LOSR
Please click the link below to find the unlocking instructions:'

So to review, you pay some company to unlock your phone but then you still have to look stuff up and do the work???? Good scam. After I attempted to follow the instructions, I ended up with a Facebook discussion with a techy who said, “Enter the seven digit code.”

“What seven digit code. Mine is three lines long with letters and numbers.”

“As explained to you previously (his typing was dripping with sarcasm) enter the seven digit code.”

“Why don’t YOU enter the seven digit code if you know what it is."

Facebook silence! I SUGGESTED I was getting agitated and would return at another time.

From there, I have no clue how it happened, but the phone unlocked.

Now, to learn to text.

I went to someone of my generation and to whom I would not have to be polite when I got annoyed.

Following is an exact discussion regarding texting.

Me: “So, do I have to be turned on to feel it.”

Him: ”Feel what?

Me:  “The text—how will I know if I get one? I have it on vibrate.”

Him: “You’ll just know.”

That was the awkward end of that lesson.

Just so you don’t think I have made no progress with the new-fangled contraption, I figured out how to download an Elvis ringtone and I got a fancy new phone case.

A girl must have her priorities in order.

Now... to figure out how to get those bunny ears on my pictures!