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Feed 18 for less than $4.30 per person!

With the long weekend coming up we know you need good, easy food to delight the whole family! We have a variety of frozen meal kits and ideas to get the most out of your meals! In fact, you can make and serve sausage on a bun for 18 guests with all the toppings for less than $4.30.

And with the sausages ready to cook straight from frozen, your whole BBQ can be ready in 30 minutes!


5lb sausage box: $39.95 (Approx 18 sausages per box)
Pickles: $6.49
Sauerkraut: $4.69
Crispy fried onions: $3.49
Hot Pepper relish: $6.49
Sausage buns: $4.99 (6 per bag)

Price will vary depending on what is purchased.

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