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Community Builders Awards: Barrie Public Art Committee inspires residents, connects community with the arts

This year’s Arts award recipient helps build a desire for artistic talent here in Barrie

The Barrie Public Art Committee (BPAC) is a volunteer group with a mission to enhance our community with art, beautify our city and bring people together in public spaces by connecting us through the work of local artists.

In addition to securing art by commissioning new works, facilitating donations and organizing temporary installations, BPAC also works hard to promote art appreciation and build lasting relationships among people and organizations here in Barrie through education and initiatives that create conversation and demonstrates the value of public art here locally.

One of the major ways BPAC has helped to create unity here in Barrie, particularly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all feeling the strain of isolation was through its Brightening Barriers program. This temporary public art project brought original works by local and regional artists to patios throughout the downtown core, with the goal of turning the barrier of imposed separation into a collective artistic experience.

The dedication and successful efforts of BPAC in acquiring art for the community has brought positive benefits of art to all while enhancing the image of our city for both tourists and residents alike. 

The passionate volunteers that make up BPAC are aware that art reflects a community and its surroundings. They work tirelessly to build up our community identity, instill civic pride in our residents, connect generations, bridge diverse groups and foster a sense of belonging through art.

The Arts award goes to an individual that has helped to strengthen the local arts community by championing an individual, event, idea, ethic, or philosophy.

Congratulations to the Barrie Public Art Committee!

This award is proudly sponsored by Braestone Winter Classic Charity Pond Hockey Tournament in support of RVH.

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