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Shipley says he wants to help people make ends meet

'We’ve knocked on over 50,000 doors and, without a doubt, I’m hearing most people are finding it tough to make ends meet,' says Conservative candidate

BarrieToday is running profiles, in alphabetical order, on each of the five candidates in the Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte riding. For more campaign coverage, visit our election page.

Doug Shipley has been dealing with constituents in Ward 3 as a Barrie city councillor since 2010, but in a story he has told to many, he's fighting to win this election for Antonio.

“There’s a sign on the wall of our campaign office that says ‘Win It For Antonio’ and that is has been engrained on my heart now," Shipley said. "We believe in it. We’re going to win it for him and make sure there is a great future for all Canadians.”

Shipley met Antonio at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. The man, who was a patient, demanded to speak to the Conservative Party candidate and asked him to win the election.

Shipley knows it will take more than Antonio’s one vote to win and has been hitting the campaign trail hard, listening to the voters.

“We’ve knocked on over 50,000 doors and, without a doubt, I’m hearing most people are finding it tough to make ends meet,” Shipley said. “Families are struggling, prices are going up and it's becoming difficult, so we’re going to do whatever we can to put more money back in people’s pockets.”

If elected, the Conservative Party has promised to introduce an $850 universal tax cut for all families and to remove the GST from home heating and energy bills.

Shipley told BarrieToday his party has a plan for those who need it most.

“We will make parental leave benefits tax-free so families can focus on raising their children and enjoying that time, rather than the stress of money,” he said. “We will help seniors by increasing the age credit by $1,000 per senior, per year.”

Shipley says the Conservatives will also bring back the children’s fitness, arts and learning tax credits, as well as making sure the budget is balanced in five years.

“We can do this without making cuts to essential social services,” he said. “We will remove $1.5 billion from corporate welfare and removing 25 per cent from our foreign-aid budget.”

Climate change is a close second among voters' concerns.

Shipley says there's also a plan to handle the environmental issue.

“We have a 66-page plan for dealing with the very real climate crisis and it involves being responsible with your money and our planet,” he said. “We are investing in new green technology, not new taxes. A cleaner and greener natural technology is needed in order to take the climate change fight global.”

Shipley’s campaign office is located at 4 Alliance Blvd. For more information, click here.

The federal election is Oct. 21.