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NDP's Janssen believes change is coming in this federal election

'When I go to door to door and provide our platform, I can say that what's resonating with people is our tax fairness plan,' says Janssen

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Dan Janssen began his political career in last year’s provincial election. Although he didn't win, the 37-year-old is taking his experience into the federal campaign and trying to lead the NDP to another in Parliament.

“I keep hearing from people that they want change, so I believe that change will come because it has just been so many folks talking about,” he told BarrieToday. “Something at some point has to give.”

Janssen says he's hearing from many people who are interested in the NDP platform once he shares information.

“When I go to door to door and provide our platform, I can say that what's resonating with people is our tax fairness plan,” he said. “We want anyone with $20 million or more in assets to pay their fair share.

“It would not be that big of a burden for them and actually it is Canadians who are the ones shouldering the burden of the tax system at the moment," Janssen added. "If they would just pay that one per cent, it would help out greatly.”

Janssen says residents' ears perk up when he mentions how tax fairness would help with covering a wide array of medical help. The NDP has a universal pharmacare plan that would help with covering dental and access to mental health and addiction services, he says. 

“When I talk about those things, I hear stories about folks who don’t have access to those things and some of the stories that go along with that,” Janssen said. “Some of us are very lucky, myself included as I have a benefit plan. It is life-changing to have a plan and have access to the medication you need or to go see a dentist and not put it off because you can’t afford it.”

Affordability is another topic he hears while campaigning. As a parent himself, Janssen wants to see families be able to build a life in a home they can call their own.

“For young families, that child-care plan has been resonating as well as our affordable-housing plan,” he said. “We obviously know about the homeless issue in our area, but others are getting pushed out of their homes, too.

“Seniors I have spoken to are concerned about getting kicked out of their homes because their insurance bills are going up and their phone bills are rising; they are being priced out of their own homes," Janssem added. "This isn’t right and we do have a way to make it stop.”

Janssen's campaign office is located at 112 Dunlop St. E. For more information, click here

The federal election is Oct. 21.