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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Card Auction, presented by!

Please make sure you READ THE RULES, particularly the part about credit card authorizations. In short, each time you place a bid, the system places a hold authorization for that amount on your card. When you are outbid, the hold is released. If you bid $50 on ten different items, this means $500 of your available balance will be unavailable until you're outbid. Any winning bids at the end of the auction are captured - meaning your card is charged. We recommend you use a credit card, not a debit card for this auction. A released hold may take several days to reflect on your statement.

Barrie Karate

This auction closed on Friday, December 6, 2019 9:00:00 PM

About Barrie Karate

Founded in 1997 by Sensei Dan McDougall, Barrie Karate has continuously upheld our belief in solid traditional martial arts instruction to children and adults of all ages. No matter your age or ability, our unique approach to interacting with students fosters their growth and development into their full potential. Our highly trained Okinawan Goju-ryu instructors are effective at developing trust and rapport, in an environment that students want to be in.

Barrie Karate hosts a number of programs, including:

  • Lil' Dragons (Ages 4 to 7)
  • Junior Karate (Ages 8 to 12)
  • Teen & Adult Karate (Ages 13+)
  • Women's Self-Defense (Ages 13+)

Not only do we offer a number of programs tailored to your needs, but we are happy to host birthday parties! Leave the planning, decorating, organizing, and cleaning up to us. Sit back, relax, and watch the kids have fun at Barrie Karate. We provide the invitations, decorate the dojo, and provide introductory karate lessons to each of your guests. Call us, or visit our website to learn more about birthday parties at Barrie Karate.

Try our free 20 minute semi-private introductory lesson, and learn what sets Barrie Karate apart from the rest. Our patient and experienced staff look forward to welcoming you to our dojo!